Presidential Hackathon Sustainability 2.0 Resilient Islands

The outbreak of the pandemic last year resulted in interruptions of transport flow of people and goods and each country became aware of “resilience.” To resist systematical risks in the economy, society, and environment is more important than “efficiency,” which is what we used to pursue. Like other countries around the world, Taiwan also faces challenges of an aging population, extreme climate change, and the rapid emergence of AI and 5G technologies.

Hence, this year (2021), under the theme of “Sustainability 2.0 Resilient Islands,” you are invited to utilize Taiwan’s digital competitiveness from the perspective of national sustainable development through the private and public partnership to participate in this hackathon challenges in issues including “Human Capital,” “Circular Economy,” “Energy Transformation and Decarbonization,” “Sustainable Food, Agriculture, and Ecological Conservation,” “Smart Resilient Cities and Counties,” “Digital Transformation,” to discover solutions and to work hand in hand to build Taiwan into a resilient islands.







Social Influence & Citizen Participation




Joint proposals across national or local governmental up to 10% bonus points.
Joint proposals across ministry and department up to 5% bonus points.
Proposals responding to Citizen's Wishing Fountain up to 10% bonus points.

◆ Definition of “Cross-national”:Joint proposals between a foreign government and Taiwan government. (G2G)
◆ Definition of Cross Local Governments:Joint proposal between the central and local government and governments in different cities/counties and not applicable to a joint proposal between different agencies in the same city/county.


  • A participation award visual design gift will be given to every team.
  • A limited edition Presidential Hackathon T-shirt will be given to every member of 20 teams selected in the first round.
  • A limited edition Presidential Hackathon Exquisite gift will be given to every member of 10 teams selected in the second round.
  • 5 teams selected in the final round will be personally awarded by the President with a trophy and each member will an individual trophy.


Presidential Office


Executive Yuan


Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan

Supporting Organizer

National Development Council


National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
Institute of Information Industry
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Data-Supporting Organizer

Judicial Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Examination Yuan, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Council of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, National Palace Museum, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare