1. If I am currently a postgraduate student and interested in this event, can I submit personal application? Yes. You can participate in the competition as an individual.
2. I am the only team member. Can I participate in the competition? What should I do if I can't find someone to work with? You can sign up and submit the proposal individually. If you enter the first round, you can look for technical talents among individual applicants to join your team.
3. Is this event only open to individuals who work in the government agencies? Are college professors, R&D units, and/or new startups qualified to submit proposals? The proposal restrictions of the competition are that the proposal submitted must be a project that has not yet been implemented or participated in any tender. There shall be no governmental fund received for the proposal. The same applies to a phased plan. Anyone or group is welcome to submit the proposal to participate.
4. Is there any restriction to content submitted to the "Citizen's Wishing Fountain"? The general public can submit basically any content around 50 words to the "Wishing Fountain" such as what question needed to be addressed in the society, how they feel about it, and why it is important. Any ideas are welcome.
5. Does this event require the applicants to cooperate with other “government agencies” to make joint proposals? Also, can I form multiple teams to participate? Applicants don’t necessarily have to make joint proposals with government agencies. This event encourages cross-unit and cross-field joint proposals; there is no restriction on the unit level and grade level; and the cooperation of at least two different agencies (central/central, central/local, and local/local) is also encouraged.
There is no upper limit on the number of participating teams in this event. All are welcome to team up, but each team shall have no more than ten members.
6. What if I want to modify my proposal after submission? What should I do? You can use the function, “Modify the Proposed Content,” on the website. Please enter the E-mail set during proposal submission. You will receive a verification code sent by the system. After entering the verification code, you can modify the content and upload the file; Until July 16th (Friday) this year (2021), all modifications shall be made through the online system.
7. How do I know if my proposal has been sent out successfully? The system is designed to display a message “You have successfully submit the proposal” on the webpage after you complete the proposal submission and click “Submit.” The system will also send an email notification at the same time. You can also search for your proposal at the Proposed Content. Please feel free to use the customer service mailbox to inquire about related matters. presidential-hackathon2020@tier.org.tw
8. When I propose, do I need to upload PowerPoint or video? When submitting a proposal, you only need to enter the text related to the proposal online. You can also provide the materials related to the proposal (videos, PowerPoint, files, web pages, etc.), but supplementary materials are not required.
9. How do I know about the topic of the competition for my proposal? Your proposal only needs to be in line with this year’s competition topic. There are 7 major aspects for this year’s competition topic, namely : “Human Capital,” “Circular Economy,” “Energy Transformation and Decarbonization,” “Sustainable Food, Agriculture, and Ecological Conservation,” “Smart Resilient Cities and Counties,” “Digital Transformation,” and “Interdisciplinary Integration.” Each aspect has corresponding SDGs, and you only need to select one of the seven aspects of the proposal on the proposal form.
10. If a prototype has been successfully developed during the event, how does your organization handle the intellectual property rights issues? During the competition (starting from the proposal submission to the end of the award ceremony), possible intellectual property and use rights of the proposal include authorization to government agencies and event execution teams, marketing and production of promotional items during the event, and so on. If a team is awarded as an winning team, the responsible agencies will contact the team for follow-up authorization and applications.
11. If I still have questions, where can I get further assistance? Consultation Hotline: (02)2586-5000 # 204 Miss Tai
Consulting Hours: 9:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30