2018 社會創新
Domestic Violence Prevention and Management
提案內容 The team aims to set up an early warning mechanism against domestic violence abuse to protect victims, especially children and teenagers. Introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence, and build a family risk early warning management system to help social workers allocate resources more accurately to reduce the recidivism rate of child violence and abuse at home. At present, the Taipei City and New Taipei City governments have jointly launched an initiative to promote “Data Quality.” For this reason, Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare has joined a public initiative called “D4SG (Data for Social Good) Program” with reference to the government-public cooperative model between the Department of Social Welfare of both the Taipei City and New Taipei City governments to analyze national families with a high-risk of domestic violence and abuse for home visitors to accurately monitor abuse cases. At the same time, there will be a one-stop service model established for high-risk families. For instance, the Taoyuan City government has begun to enhance its social safety net with reference to the model adopted by the Taipei City and New Taipei City governments.