2020 永續發展
Save energy for wonderful life
提案內容 Most high-voltage users have energy management systems, relative to them, although residential users can install a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) to manage their electricity consumption, but HEMS is costly, time-consuming to install and not easy to popularize. Therefore, we built a "non-intrusive electricity fingerprint technology", which use smart meter data (AMI) to decompose the consumption of electrical appliances, to reduce the cost of HEMS installation and get the same energy-saving benefits.
At present, we have verified the accuracy of the model through the empirical research and tuned the model by collecting user characteristics. The public was affirmed and satisfied with these services such as appliance usage and customized power saving suggestions. In the future, it will be presented by App or web pages, so that residential users can more easily accept these services to assist their own power management.