2020 永續發展
Weather & Health for All
提案內容 Global warming and climate change has significantly impacted human health. Taiwan has seen record-breaking high temperatures in the past few years. Taipei even reached historical high temperature this July, 39.7˚C. Meanwhile, the number of heat injury cases has increased by 3.5 times in the last decade. To address heat stress and other health impact caused by extreme climate, the Central Weather Bureau, the Health Promotion Administration and the Academia Sinica has formed the “WHA: Weather & Health for All” team, with the aim of developing a weather related health risk warning platform. The platform analyzes the relationship between health and weather data and builds indexes, sets health risk thresholds related to weather conditions, accompanies with health guidelines for different medical conditions. All these will be done on an open-data basis to facilitate data-sharing and applications development, and to maximize data value.