Top 10 teams of the 2019 Presidential Hackathon


Team Title Name of the company English abstract
疫苗全都錄 校園流感疫苗接種電子化紀錄 衛生福利部疾病管制署、新北市政府衛生局、HTC健康醫療事業部 / Center of Disease Control of Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Health Bureau of New Taipei City, Health and Medicine division of HTC corporation The solution aims to digitalize flu vaccination records for students on campus.
審計小尖兵 數位轉型下政府各項計畫經費支用與成果之展現,監察院審計部結合國發會及工程會開放資料,促進政府良善治理 審計部/ National Audit Office The solution displays government expenditures and the various projects performance under the e-government's policy. The National Audit Office combines open data from the National Development Council and Public Construction Commission, promoting a high standard of governance.
海波浪 調查海洋垃圾的來源,希望徹底消滅海洋廢棄物 海洋委員會國家海洋研究院/ National Academy of Marine Research The solution is to investigate the source of marine debris and how to completely eliminate these pollutants.
司法院 裁判易讀與量刑參考小幫手,讓判決書中的法律用語即時翻譯成白話文,協助民眾看懂判決書內容,並運用機器學習,針對酒駕案件自動析取量刑因素。 司法院資訊處/ Judicial Yuan The solution is a real-time reference, which helps people to easily read and understand the sentencing references, so that the legal terms in the court's judgment can be instantly translated into common phrases, helping the public to understand the contents of the court's judgment. In addition, the Judicial Yuan uses machine learning to automatically distill factors for determining sentences on drunk-driving incidents.
出巡隊 提供選擇在家安寧的民眾與家庭一個看得到、找得到、用得到的精準安寧照護知識平台 衛生福利部護理及健康照護司/ Ministry of Health and Welfare The solution is to provide home-based hospice care families or individuals with a safe and secure knowledge sharing platform.
雞婆小組 提供醫院照顧服務產業的人力需求媒合平台,進一步解決全台800萬家庭住院照顧人力與經濟難題 衛生福利部護理及健康照護司/ Ministry of Health and Welfare It aims to provide a matching platform for nursing care manpower demand and supply in the hospital care service industry. It can further solve the nursing manpower at hospitals and economic problems of the patient’s family in Taiwan.
資料申請小幫手 所開發的互動介面,將給予國發會在推動開放資料政策上的優良工具。 以個人名義報名/ Individuals This interactive platform provides the National Development Council with a wonderful tool to allow people access and use government open data.
國土智慧巡守隊 透過水盒子自動收集水質、水量與水文環境的變化週期等數據,來預測、防範、管控污染對農業用水的衝擊 國立臺北科技大學、財團法人紡織綜合研究所、宸暘環境技師事務所、和碩聯合科技公司、德國Ge-Komm公司與台灣ECOCEO開放社群 / National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Chen Yang Environmental Technician Office, Ge-Komm GmbH, Taiwan ECOCEO Open Community Data such as water quality, water quantity and hydrological cycles are automatically collected through a “water box” system to predict, prevent and control the impact of pollution on agricultural water usage.
銀髮天使 透過大數據之科學方法,產出銀髮安居高度需求名冊,由政府主動出擊,提供相關協助服務。 內政部戶政司、地政司、統計處、衛生福利部長期照顧司/ Ministry of the Interior、Ministry of Health and Welfare Through the scientific method of big data, we will produce an elderly dwelling demand list. And then the government can take the initiative in providing relevant assistance.
詐貸掏空早知道 為了減少詐貸及掏空案件的發生,希望建立詐貸及掏空案件的偵測系統 以個人名義報名 / Individuals The solution is to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent loans and short selling cases, in order to establish a detection system for these occurrences.