6 International Hacker Teams Convened for the first time in Taiwan, the Technology Island, to formulate solutions for Global Sustainable Development

        The 1 st Presidential Hackathon-International Track of 2019, is held in Taiwan on July 18 th . The event will span 3 days, and the final competition will take place in the Office of the President on July 21 st . Vice President Chen will receive the international teams and award the winning groups.

        The Presidential Hackathon focused on the topic of “Enabling Sustainable Infrastructure” to invite international hacker communities to join the competition, and invited Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) as the event co-organizer. Selected by a panel of judges in the preliminary round, 6 teams from Honduras, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Holland, and Sri Lanka, have travelled to Taiwan for the final competition. The teams will develop and propose solutions on global issues related to infrastructure, energy monitoring, medical care/healthcare, and efficiency optimization for public sectors, to achieve sustainable development for global the community by innovations.

        For the first time, Taiwan has organized the international hackathon and received proposals over the Internet from 23 teams coming from 13 nations. The 6 teams that passed the preliminary round are as follows: InfraPipeline, Madaster, INFRAHACK Initiative, Mentadak, MasTeam, and CoST.

        InfraPipeline from Australia had improved the visibility and transparency of procurements for the Australian Government in the international market, so opportunities to enter the market for vendors in infrastructure sector may increase.

        In order to address the issue of massive waste, which comes from constructing buildings and infrastructure, Madaster, whose members come from Holland and Taiwan, has developed the Madaster Platform to register identities for building materials and other metadata, such as price and reusability. The goal is to develop a sustainable material management system, which facilitates the achievement of a circular economy.

        INFRAHACK has recognized that road construction in Cambodia is a major priority. However, frequent flooding and road damages leads to frequent maintenance work. The team focuses on an open data platform to increase the transparency and accountability for road construction projects, to facilitate the public participation and improve the construction quality.

        Mentadak from Malaysia aims to improve ePerolehan (eP), an e-procurement system of the Malaysian Government, by utilizing the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) to discover potential conflicts of interest during the procurement process. The goal is to reduce procurement fraud and to enable the government for selecting qualified vendors to participate in public infrastructure projects.

        The other Malaysian team “MasTeam” has integrated data of low-income households, healthcare facilities, school locations, and forecasted population distribution in the future. Based on the initial exploration, the team can propose suitable locations for schools and health facilities, so the government may efficiently allocate resources for social wellbeing.

        By capitalizing on the open data and procurement platform, CoST, formed by members from France and Honduras (Taiwan’s diplomatic allies) aims to enhance the transparency of environmental impact assessment, optimize the allocation of resources in national territories and minimize the opposition from the public.

        In addition, seeking to address the issue of increased clean water wastage in metropolitan cities, AquaPlus as an observer has digitized the urban water network by introducing an ICT infrastructure and creating a centralized database of public water access points. The efficiency of water supply by government is therefore boosted, as well as the living quality of people.

        All the teams mentioned above have solved social issues and generated influential power, striving to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

        During the hackathon event, more training workshops will be provided to assist the international teams to realize these proposals. Also, the teams will network and exchange ideas with the Top 10 Taiwan domestic teams. Through this interactive opportunity with the international teams, the world will get to see the innovation capability of Taiwan unleashed.

        The 2019 Presidential Hackathon domestic track is based on the theme of "Smart Nation". The spirit is to hope that Taiwan will become a leading country of opening and implementing government data. In terms of promoting an initiative of implementation of cross-departmental, cross central and local government and public-private partnerships, it is encouraged to use government's open data, and to allow innovations of private sector to be combined with the government, and then to solve social problems with public-private partnerships. That displays to practice government service innovations, and aims to improve the quality of life for human being. After the hackathon activities, the government ensures that the excellent team's solutions can be specifically implemented in government governance and public service optimization. The 2019 Presidential Hackathon domestic track will be held in the Office of the President on July 27th after the selection of 10 teams in the semi-final on the June 30th. In the final competition, President Tsai will award 5 excellent teams of 2019.