Presidential Hackathon
Call for DATA Analyst/Scientist Volunteer

Do you want to be part of the International Hackathon Team?
Are you skilled in Data Science and good at handling all kinds of data?

The selected 6 teams are finally coming to Taiwan for the finalist competition! They are looking for data volunteer who have special skill to join their team and help with data converting, analysis, reformatting…and so on. If you have such skills in dealing with big data or have experience for hackathon event, YOU are the one we are looking for!

Please read the following session for the Technical Needs of each teams and tell us in the application form which team you would like to help OR if you would just like to be an onsite volunteer and helping between multiple teams.

Event time: 9:00~17:00 (Lunch provided)
Event dates: July 18-19th, 2019.
Event location: Taipei City
Sign-up Deadline: July 11th
Contact: Ms. Yen/(02)6631-8506/

Technical Needs from International Hackathon Teams

1. Mentadak (Malaysia)
   -converting CSV to JSON. e.g. using Python and flattentool
   -converting data to OCDS / OC4IDS format

2. InfraPipeline (Australia)
   -SQL querying of a database of Australia OCDS data
   -Data analysis (cleaning, querying and modelling data)
   -Exporting data from results of SQL queries & reformatting
   -Other desirable skill: familiar with manipulating tabular and structured data using either the command line, or a scripting language such as Python etc. to prototype exporting data from OCDS Kingfisher, prototype data visualizations, and converting the project data from ANZIP ( to OC4IDS format.

3. Madaster (Netherlands)
   -Converting the project data from Taiwan Government Procurement to OCDS format
   - SQL querying of a database of Taiwan OCDS data
   -Data analysis (cleaning, querying and modelling data)

4. INFRAHACK Initiative (Cambodia)
   Need helpers on site
   Other requests are [Coming Soon]

5. MasTeam (Malaysia)
   [Coming Soon]

6. CoST (Honduras)
   [Coming Soon]

7. AquaPlus (Sri Lanka)
   Backend Developer needed for OC4IDS implementation    Familiar with Django and JSON