Presidential Hackathon is an initiative designed for the Taiwanese government to demonstrate its emphasis on open data and innovative data utilization to address the needs of national development and social needs. The event aims to facilitate exchanges among data owners, data scientists and field experts to assemble the wisdom of crowds across government, industry and private and public sectors. Ultimately, it strives to accelerate the optimization of public services and encourage proactive innovation from public servants to achieve the upgrade of government services with the help of hacker culture, promote the well-being of the people and create global partnerships Started in 2018 by the Taiwan Presidency as a domestic challenge, it initiated the first step of global reach that it went international in 2019. Participants from around the world were invited to propose open data solutions for delivering better and more sustainable infrastructure worldwide.

CHALLENGE THEME: Enabling Sustainable Development

We are looking for exciting and innovative open data ideas that can help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the use of data, technology and collaboration. We encourage teams from academia, business, civil society, government, media, or a combination of roles. What matters is that you have an open data vision for solving a specific problem, whether it is at the regional, national or sub-national level.


Open Contracting Partnership

The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), is a non-profit organisation that connects governments, business and civil society to transform public procurement so that it delivers better goods, services and works to citizens. Over 40 countries and cities across the world, including G20 countries Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Indonesia, Mexico and the UK, are already implementing open contracting.


This Challenge is open to teams (not individuals) that can offer prototypes of innovative solutions within the Challenge Scope.

  • Maximum 5 people per team.
  • Submission deadline is May 22, 2020.
  • Acceptance announcement is June 5, 2020


We are looking for proposals that:
  • Cover global or regional development issues (Asia context preferred);
  • Have the potential to deliver high social impact
  • Includes cross-sector/cross-country collaboration; and
  • Have short-term deployment potential (for post-hackathon regional collaboration).
  • Are data-driven (must have available data to create solutions); and
  • Are information technology enabled.
Proposals will be evaluated based on three key criteria:
  • Innovation (30%)
    • How unique is the approach in solving a long-standing or previously intractable problem?
    • Is your approach more effective than the existing solutions?
  • Social impact (40%)
    • Does the solution address a high priority area?
    • What is the expected social impact?
    • Is it replicable/transferable?
  • Feasibility (30%)
    • How fully has the idea been developed?
    • Does it achieve its goal effectively and efficiently?
    • How quickly can it be implemented?
    • Have you identified your stakeholders?
    • How will you engage stakeholders in the project?
    • What are your post-hackathon project development plans?


Submission deadline: May 22, 2020
Acceptance announcement: June 5, 2020 (selected teams will be invited to Taiwan)
4-days Hackathon: July 27-31, Taipei, Taiwan
Winner Demo & Award Ceremony: July 30, Presidential Building, Taipei, Taiwan


Launch of the call for application


Deadline for application


Acceptance announcement


4-days hackathon


Winner Demo Day & Award Ceremony


  • For Finalists
    • Travel arrangements for all selected finalists
      • Official invitation letter to Taipei, Taiwan for the 2020 Presidential Hackathon
      • 4-night accommodations in Taipei, Taiwan
  • For Winning Teams
    • Award cups for winning teams
    • Live demo in the Presidential Building
    • An invitation from the Taiwanese government for future collaboration


Presidential Office


Executive Yuan


Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan
National Development Council
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
American Institute in Taiwan


Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan
Open Contracting Partnership
American Institute in Taiwan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Science
American Institute in Taiwan
Ministry of Transportation and Communications
National Palace Museum
Council of Agriculture
Environmental Protection Administration


National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises